p|r|b Project

Custom Search
A modular rrd browser for polling and graphing



  • automatic host discovery for snmp enabled devices (cool)
  • browse by OS, vendor, location
  • host filter
  • host and module Info box with editing -AJAX style-
  • editing of info records
  • look and feel customisable via css stylesheet
  • simple polling performance statistics
  • error logging to file or database


  • installation script
  • improve host discovery and manual host configuration for non-snmp enabled hosts
  • documentation:
    - installation guide
    - user manual
    - developpers guide (module dev how-to)

More stuff to add:

  • form validation
  • users, authentication and user management
  • database abstraction layer
  • templates (smarty)? -> not necessary? Looks like I'm going to restrict templating to customizing CSS files. Using a framework like smarty is overkill...
  • views... Custom views are coming soon! Basic work is done to allow hierarchical custom views based on SQL queries. Cool!
  • labels
  • advanced search