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A modular rrd browser for polling and graphing

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Feb 20, 2009
Up and running on the new site...
Finally got the new site up. Looks much nicer than the previous one thanks to some copying of other peoples templates.
It's now much easier on the eyes (even though the actual content hasn't been updated yet!)

Jan 16, 2009
Getting started on Media Temple
Got some hosting up and running at Media Temple. Nice setup, seems to be working nicely.
Now doing some redesign of the site, and still need to test on various browsers. Looks like IE is causing some trouble...

Mar 31, 2008
Release 0.3.2 fixes
The original 0.3.0 release had a couple of mistakes in it (oops). The latest 0.3.2 fixes the distributed config file which was missing some variables needed by the newer release... Anyone using a previous release will have noticed that the ajax stuff wasn't working because the default path to the backend scripts was missing!

Mar 04, 2008
New release 0.3.0 available
I have just uploaded a new release of prb. prb-0.3.0.tgz! And it's only been (more than) a year since the previous one! Actually, quite a few things have been improved. All of them on the web frontend side. It's a partial rewrite since I fell in love with mootools a few months ago. I used to *hate* javascript, but since discovering mootools it's actually becoming fun... I use it for Ajax, the tree functionality, tooltips, and other little things. Check out the screenshots to see what the new version looks like...

Jan 30, 2007
New release available
I have just uploaded a new release of prb. prb-0.2.0.tgz. Some improvements in look and feel. Much beter navigation.
Also new: views. This enables you to create a tree hierarchy with custom sql queries for organizing and presenting graphs.

Jan 26, 2007
More site updates
We have a logo! I think it looks good, so I'm sticking with it...
I've added a short section on the basics of prb, including very short instructions on how to write your own modules. The idea is that at some point a library of modules will evolve thanks to contributions from the net...

Jan 12, 2007
Site updated
I've made some small changes to the site to make it a little nicer and easier to read and use. I've also added a couple of screenshots of the version I'm running at my job. The current package looks different and most of that is due to styling tags and CSS. In other words, the functionality is basically the same and you can customize your version by hacking the stylesheets.

Nov 24, 2006
prb on sourceforge CVS
I have migrated the CVS to sourceforge. Now the adventurous can look at code that very likely does not work right yet.
I have been working on some small improvements, but there is still so much to do. Things will be getting better one step at a time.

Oct 4, 2006
I will be taking a (well deserved) break next week. A nice vacation to Portugal, so no activity to be expected here in that time...

Sept 6, 2006
prb on Sourceforge
prb now has it's own space on sourceforge and is officially an open source project. The coming weeks I will be setting up the home page and make the first tarball ready for download...
This is pretty exciting for me!!